About College Life – Episode 1 – The Beginning – Part 3

This is the continuation of the series College Life. This is About College Life – Episode 1 – Part 3. Enjoy Reading!

A little insight into ME!

I reached home and while I was on the way home, I met my mother. She was left with my uncle for attending my distant relative, aunt’s marriage. It was to take place out of state and I would be alone at home for 4 days. If u r thinking why did I mention this, I didn’t attend her marriage because of this event, for which so far I couldn’t see any F*CKING POSITIVE SIDE. 

It’s day three of this week and two days before the event(which I still don’t know is gonna be a success or a set-back for us). I woke up a bit late because as Mummy is not here to wake me up. I was in a kind of rush for getting ready and had to do some morning rituals which my mom used to do. As she was away I had to do it(not a big deal).

There was ample time in my hand but for some reasons, I was getting confused on what to do (I may sound a bit weird). The problem I think was that as Mummy was not there I was getting out of the pattern. In the morning, the moment I woke up from my sleep, my mom used to start talking to me. More like a one-sided conversation as I was just up from sleep, I didn’t feel like speaking much.

About My Mom!

I don’t know whether she did it on purpose. So that, I won’t let the sleepiness get the better of me or was it due to the fact, from the moment of leaving the bed till the moment I leave home for college, my mom and I spent a time of just 1 hour together. So she wants to share things with me what happened the day before. Those who r thinking what about the time in the evening, the point is I don’t like to talk much. And after all the fuss for the whole day. Getting a lot of sh*t at college, I’m already not in a mood to speak much. Anyway, as there was nobody at home, it was total silence.

Due to my Mom (not blaming her…;)), I was used to the chit-chat in the morning. Frankly speaking, the voice of my mother to me speaking was like the sweetest music I have ever heard on this planet. TO NOTE: speaking as if I’m gonna visit other planets soon, dull sarcasm. Anyways for the former part, I may sound a bit cliche but my mom’s a real good friend of mine from my childhood till date. 

My Other Family!

I got ready, then my aunt who just lives upstairs called me up for breakfast. My elder-sis and I did breakfast together. I was literally gobbling up the food as I was running late, sis was eating slowly and peacefully. She had time in leaving for office (btw she’s an engineer). She also had a very much less on her plate. God knows, how is she surviving by eating so less.

Daily Travel & Stuffs

Anyways, I won’t go into the details of my journey to the college that’s on whole another level. Maybe save it for another time. Let’s skip to the part where I reach college and start class hopping, meeting some influential teachers in the college. I first thought of attending the first class. But due to preparations and my meetings with the HOD and department teachers regarding the event and future events. The time had passed by and the next class was gonna start in 10 minutes. It was a networking lab, it was pretty much interesting.

After two hours, we had our recess, my friends and I headed towards the canteen for lunch. We were leaving our building towards our destination. I saw some students investigating and discussing the details that we had posted on the noticeboard outside our CSE building. That made me feel a bit good (and more news was on its way). My friend whom I mentioned in the beginning, informing me regarding the crisis, informed me that the registrations were over 180+. Our efforts had been fruitful. I was pretty much happy and so were my friends(except a few, they literally didn’t care about this whole thing).

Hard Work pays off!

A glimpse from the stage of College Auditorium
I was very much happy after receiving the updates regarding the registrations…

While we were in the canteen a few students approached me enquiring regarding the events. I was more than happy to give them the details. By the aura and everything else that we had created in the past week(especially in the last 2 days), I was thinking that the registrations would easily cross 200. There were still 2 days remaining for the event. And there were still few classes to cover for advertisement(so it was a win-win situation at-least for me)!

We headed towards the classes where the advertisement was not done, it was basically ECE(1st yr “Nibbas” and “Nibbis”). I was amazed to see the number of participations made from the batch. Everyone was pretty much excited and boosted up regarding the events. We spent a few minutes with the class as they wanted to interact with us. They said to us that we should always keep our expectations high from them. And the girls as usuals were pretty much excited(to be specific their excitement was on a whole new level, due to many reasons 😉 ).

Now there was a ray of hope, that the event wouldn’t be a failure.

To be Continued…

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