Life College – Episode 1 – The Beginning – Part 2

This is the continuation of the series College Life. This is College Life – Episode 1 – Part 2. Enjoy Reading!

A Turning Point in My Life

A week passed and I was suddenly the Convener(not so sudden as you think, wait for the high point). But sadly everything didn’t go as planned. If u r thinking what didn’t go as planned, the rule for the selection of the Convener and Representatives is to be decided by “unbiased” voting, by the members of the committee. But as we live in India, politics is in our blood. And the results were 90% in our favour due to some backend stuff. Not web development related to the back-end.,TO NOTE: just trying to make a pun out of the useless knowledge gathered over the years. My friend who suggested me being considered for the Convener was not decided to become the Representative(IT F*CKING KILLED ME!)

Back from the flash-back, it is the day after the night my friend called me to notify regarding the crisis that was occurring.

Unsung Heros – kind OF

We decided to do class hopping in our college once again. We had already been there, done that, but not everyone is as unemployed and single as you and me. Everyone has got a Life back at home and most of them have a love life. Each & everyone who is involved in a love affair is basically in a hyper-excited state. But u know what I think, the girls are always in a win-win situation, it’s the boys who suffer the most. And u know what I think, they deserve it too :). Coming back, so why THE F*CK would they care about wasting a good holiday. Spending it in the so-called HELL-HOLE just for a certificate. Anyways coming back to the story. A team of 3 guys was decided who were single and desperate AF, to do college hopping!!! 

Preparations Begin

And the day began. First of all, I contacted a few teachers to help us spread the awareness and benefits for the participants. Which was nothing new from what we did previously! And as I am from CSE, I gave a somewhat lecture kind of thing to the fresh saplings. They were waiting to get crushed under this outdated and worthless education system in the near future(it was one for those who like a dark sense of humour 🙂 ).

The day was totally exhausting. We had to report several high authorities in our department regarding the updates of the event. Many were not registering from our college for the event. And for once, one of the higher authorities agreed with us openly that this HELL-HOLE (I was letting the frustration of my whole day literally flow into the writing) was doomed. And btw he didn’t mention HELL-HOLE, he addressed the college as it is.

Prepping for The Event!

Getting permission from higher authority of college
Somethings to clear from the higher authority regarding the events

I and my friends had to leave the DBMS (Database Management System) lab. The timings of recess for the first year and us were not the same(For those who r thinking what is recess it’s basically an over-exaggerated term for a break). 

As we entered the classes many girls were more than happy to see me. Some of them like to think I’m good looking (even I was not aware of that; TO NOTE: FAKE MODESTY). I don’t know whether they were focusing on what I was speaking or just daydreaming. But even if u r somebody’s crush I think it is not enough to make them pay for something in which they have their own well being.

But as we are born and brought up in India, and obviously not to mention in a middle-class family, as a transition period from teenage to adolescence we would spend every penny on something which does not have any well being contained in it for us and would like to think more than twice to spend money on something worth spending for our well being(yeah! U read it write).

Our Professors!

At the end of the day, me and my “BOIS” were heading towards the railway station. But one of our department heads called me to report to their office. We were now over the limit to curse further so we headed back silently. Over there we had a light moment with professors. It was one of the rare moments where the professors and students were on the same page. Our HOD praised us for the first time in our tenure as the Members of the Committee. He said that “This is the first time an event something like this is going to be conducted. Whatever has been done till now regarding it is more than sufficient”. He was proud of our efforts(didn’t know about my friends but a big burden was lifted off my shoulders’).

Me & my friends in College Auditorium
ME and MY “BOIS”;)
(A few are missing btw…)

After all this, we headed towards the railway station. Waiting for the arrival of ‘our train’(not my father’s property but we Indians like to personalize everything).

I still didn’t know how all of this was gonna turn out.

To be Continued…

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