College Life – Episode 1 – The Beginning – Part 1

There were only a few days left before the first collaborated event. It was with one of the Top B.Tech Institute in India i.e., The IITs’. We were not short on difficulties for making the arrangements for the event. Suddenly I get a call from one of my class-mate. He was among the organizers for the event. The registrations for the upcoming event were way below the mark than expected. And the situation was not getting any better. But these kinds of things are just a part of college life i.e., situations not getting any better and it’s all about overcoming them in the end…

A little About Us – The College Students

I’m, let’s say one of the normal students like the ones’ who are reading this. Trying to make my Engineering Life worthwhile while studying from a private Engineering college. I was leaving a life what one would say a particularly boring one. Just sounding a bit dull so that all can relate with me. But my life has been pretty much exciting what one would say full of ups and downs.

I quit my position as a Programming Head from a Startup which I don’t know has become a company overnight or what due to many reasons. I will come to that eventually when I run out of writing materials. But as we were stepping into semi-finale of our BTech (for those who didn’t get it, it is 3rd year of engineering), there was something of a community in our college. It had barely conducted any event worthwhile. And the culture was being handed over to us to look after. Not particularly me, but in a sense to our year.

A glimpse from the college auditorium during IOT session
Way Up we go…

Heading towards the journey!

I was now totally unemployed (Speaking as if I was earning millions before. And a multi-national company was dependent on me, but I barely did any work). Just like any other engineering college student, my group of friends and me were cursing our college, that our college was very much active in extra-activities(dull sarcasm).

One part of our team, it's a pic from our Auditorium.
One of the few things that I cherish most in my life is friends…

The Beginning

One of my class-mate who was a member of the previous committee suggested that we can conduct events. But a Convener and Representatives must be chosen before that. I sat there listening to him as I was barely interested in any of it. Cause my life had been f*cked up totally till now and I was trying to make things simple again so that I can exist peacefully.

My friends and I decided that the Convener should be from our class so that we could conduct any event as we wish. But didn’t know that would have to get f*cked for making any decision at each and every step in the beginning. We decided to make one of our class-mate the Convener. Btw he is the guy who gives me a call at the beginning of the story regarding the crisis. But due to other reasons that I could not specify here, as he would be reading this post somewhere down the line, he would literally kill me he was out of the picture.

Didn’t Knew What was Happening!

The discussion goes on and suddenly one of my friends (NefariousPie) suggests that I should be the convener. And my f*cking childhood friend seconded him. Btw it was his (NefariousPie) idea to make my personal life open to the public. As because one evening I had a stupid idea that we should make a website where the daily struggle of a common college student is posted. And how he/she overcomes each and every time. He thought I would be the perfect marketing material in my college. We would come to know the reasons in further details as the story proceeds. I was still in a state of intoxication from my previous life experiences. So I thought it would be a piece of cake to be the Convener. TO NOTE: I WAS F*CKING WRONG.

My bestie in College
She’s my female Bestie, She understands me a lot…

It was a new journey in my college life.

To be continued…

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7 thoughts on “College Life – Episode 1 – The Beginning – Part 1”

  1. The crisis friend

    The crisis friend holds a very responsible position in your committee I guess. Well he’s having no regrets that you’re the convener . He’s more than happy that we did start a chain that could be well inherited by the juniors and carried on further. The college life is about to end. Another thing the part where The crisis friend solved the crisis of the speaker you could have asked him how he did so for writing it here maybe it would be really helpful to someone who is in such a circumstance. Speaking of the team. Kudos to everyone and both the photographers for making this event successful. I sign off Mr. Convener 😉

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