College Life – Episode 3 – Just A Normal Day

This is the continuation of the series “COLLEGE LIFE”… College Life – Episode 3. Enjoy Reading!

My days were passing by normally. But slowly I could see some of my friends, around me, starting to hate me (except those who were with me since my childhood). Which I knew would eventually happen!!!

It is kind of relative to me because, when I entered college, I found some friends. They were like a family to me (or I supposed to think so). But slowly within a year and a half, they started to hate me and eventually all of them left me.

I was totally torn apart from inside. I was in a state of depression for 3 months. But I had to recover fast as semester exams were knocking on the door. Life doesn’t wait for you to heal from the wounds that you get from all the bogus drama happening around. It just goes on & on.

My childhood friend was with me all along, he couldn’t bear the sight of me getting torn apart.

You must all be thinking that why would someone start to hate somebody if they haven’t made any mistakes. But I think and by experience, I don’t think it is always necessary that you have to be the bad guy for being hated by the others. Sometimes, if you are always loving and caring for the ones around you then also you can be hated by the others. And this kind of hate is more lethal than the one where you actually deserve all the hate.

Anyway, it was due to all of these incidents I had grown strong over the years. Actually, I think, I was kind of strong from the beginning, as I grew up without my father. Due to some(actually a lot of) family issues, my Mom had to leave the house with me. I was six months old, for my better future, she came back to her father’s house.

Me in the college auditorium. Just thinking back about my life till now.
Amidst the loving ones, I always stood alone

I was fortunate enough that the ones from the side of my Mom’s family loved me and raised me as their own child. And it was due to them that I have become what I am today. Life goes on. One has to learn to move on because that is the logical and correct decision one can take in his/her life. You need to let things go. In the experience which I have gathered from life till now, I learned that it’s not the bad incidents which hurt us the most. It’s the memories or the clinging on to those incidents that lament us the most.

Why is it, that we discriminate between grief and joy. Both of them are just incidents occurring in one’s life and none of them is permanent. It is us, that accept joyfulness and reject grief & sorrow. If one learns to accept both of them, life becomes comparatively easy.


12 thoughts on “College Life – Episode 3 – Just A Normal Day”

  1. As you grow older you will learn to embrace the art of letting go. Holding on and dwelling on hurtful feelings and fleeting “friends” will only make your life miserable. People who love you will stay no matter what. Acceptance is key. Wishing you all the best!

  2. When I was in college I was a mom to 3 daughters under the ages of ten. It was super challenging but it kept me on my toes to get through college… great read you have here.

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