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  • Kalimpong Tourist Spots – Part 5

    Kalimpong Tourist Spots – Part 5

    1. Morning Visit to Mangala Dham Temple It was now day 2 in Kalimpong. It was drizzling in the morning, and there were plans to visit Mangala Dham Temple nearby, one of the Kalimpong tourist spots (It didn’t feel that much nearby once we started 🥲). Chitradip Da was our tour guide. It was a…

  • NJP to Kalimpong – Part 4

    NJP to Kalimpong – Part 4

    1. Bus Seat Dilemma in NJP The bus journey from NJP to Kalimpong was pretty cool. Mayukh was sitting on the window seat and I was sitting beside him. As the weather was hot, Mayukh quickly grabbed the window seat. But there was a downside, we were sitting on the left column and it was…

  • Kolkata to NJP – Part 3

    Kolkata to NJP – Part 3

    1. Dinner on the Train The journey started from Kolkata to NJP. Everyone had brought something for dinner. Shobhit brought chicken and roti, Sandeep brought puri and sooji ka halwa, and Mayukh brought noodles. I brought puri and chole. The food was now too much for 5 people to finish. Everyone tried to eat as…

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