College Life – Episode 2 – A Friend’s Eye Is a Good Mirror

This is the continuation of the series “COLLEGE LIFE” College Life – Episode 2. Enjoy Reading!

Hola readers, This is not your good old regular writer. I am someone else. This has been my story for a long time I am always the “Someone Else, The Nice Guy”. If, you ever need to use an example of an introvert feel free to use my name. I don’t like public appearances, because, I do believe action speaks louder than words (Not Really). OK, enough about myself (for now), let’s talk about the Big Event. I am going to give you my perspective of everything that is going on around this event. It was 1 day before the event and I started writing the blog (The one you’re currently reading). (p.s. Writing a story without using a name is really frustrating. So “For sake of simplicity” consider my name Ethereal.)

Some Quick “Gyan”
Meaning of Ethereal

It was one of the biggest events organized by our committee so far. But it wasn’t going so smoothly as it may seem. There were a lot of problems we were facing. The number of registrations was not that good, we had wrong data on registration details, advertising the event in different colleges and classes was very wearing as well. On top of that, a lot of teachers were not very Co-operative. The timing of classes for different years and departments were different. It was not surprising for us at all to go to class to inform them about the event and then finding out that class is completely empty. In spite of these difficulties, the number of registration passed the 180+ mark. I can’t express how F*CKING HAPPY I was (Sorry, for the F-Bomb but I swear, a lot). 


The day was passing I spent the whole day doing an online course in photography. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that earlier, I am a photographer (Not a very good one, but can do the work). I completed it, updated the certificate in my LinkedIn account and started designing a logo for this website “Sev7en”. In the evening, Abhishek (our good old writer. Remember the name it’s going to be used a lot) called me, and we started discussing work-related stuff. And “The man in charge” (My friend, who was the backbone of this event) called and said the number of registration crossed the  250+ mark. Believe me, this kind of news the day before the event can turn you into a “5 years old”.

It reminds me of the days when we were running door to door of every class and basically begging for registration. I didn’t like a single second of that process. But without that, this success was not possible at all. 

Past Digging

Let’s change the flow for some time. It’s important cuz you may not have any idea how these events affect your personal life. Everything that happens is closely related to your life. Nothing is a unique quantity, they all are connected. If you have pay attention to the time today is the second day of “Saraswati Puja” (the Bengali Valentine’s Day). A lot my friends came back from their college to attend that. I went to my old school as well. No surprise, A lot of people still know me. I was seeing a lot of new faces, among them, I find one very familiar one.

Here comes ‘She’

Guess who? one of my ex-s. The very proof of the fact that “I am not the nice guy, people think I am.” we were not together for long, but during that period of 3-4 months  I’ve done despicable things. If you are familiar with the concept of 7 deadly sins, I’ve done them all in that period. Later on, realized that the relationship we had; its foundation was not “love” or “Likeness” it was my f*cking “Lust”. I didn’t want to lose my “Nice Guy” image. That’s why I left her. Anyway, that was not what we were discussing. We were discussing how these events affect your personal life. 

At school when I should have spent the whole time with my friends, I actually spent a lot of time checking my phone and answering different queries of people about the event. My friends did not like that at all. They did not tell me anything. But their eyes were reflecting exactly how pissed they are at me for this behaviour of mine.  

Reverse Gear

Let’s get back to the event. I spent the whole night thinking about the next morning. 

The next day I woke up at 5:30 got ready, did my breakfast, said bye to my mom and left my home. I got my train at 7:00 am and reached a certain Junction station. After some time “AOT Local” [Howrah-Bardhaman Local] arrived at the station. I got up on the train and my phone ranged…. It was Abhishek. After a small talk, I disconnect the call. The train reached Chandannagar, my second Home. “Me and my Boi” meet up on the train. Then we started bit*hing about ourselves (XD not really). After 30 mins we reached our college. And surprisingly the speakers were Earlier than us.


Abhishek and I greeted them. And there was the CEO of a company, who was the main speaker. With him, there were 2 other people. COO of the company who was a “Noice”(means extra nice) looking girl of mid-20s. And The ML Engineer of The company who was also a handsome looking fellow (I was getting a real gentleman vibe from him).

Abhishek shook his hand with the COO. And “My God” even this girl was flattered by his looks and personality. I noticed her eyes were following him the whole time until he left the room.  I said bye to the ML engineer and started arranging different things for the event. People started coming to attend the event. Other people from the organizing committee were there too. The event started, the first part of the event was on Python programming. This section was fascinating.

Yoshi, yukō {OK, let’s do this!😎}

ML Day in College Auditorium. It was one of the best day of my college life.

First Year people were having some problems regarding installing python and Python libraries. But Thanks to our Volunteers, Every query was solved. (Guys, if anyone from the Volunteers is reading this… I am proud of you. Every one of you did an amazing job that day).

The lunch break, some unintentional events happened. Abhishek informed the people who came for attending the workshop that they can come and click photographs with the team. Now some fangirls took this opportunity to click selfies with our “Convener”. (Little did I know that these little events are going to cause so much Drama afterwards). The Next session was on ML. This session was not that great, and we realized that First-year people need some internal workshop on ML and Python. We clicked some nice pictures. The workshop ended nearly at 4:00 pm. And the Speakers were leaving. We went with them to bid them goodbye. After That, We come back to the Auditorium. We spent one more hour with the students clicking pics and discussing different topics. A day Well Spent.

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