Boring part About College Life is Study, according to me!

Boring College Life – Episode 1 – The Beginning – Part 4

This is the continuation of the series College Life. This is Boring College Life – Episode 1 – Part 4. Enjoy Reading!

Some Boring Stuff!

After the break we still had a bit of work left, like the paperwork, designing and stuff. So we decided to skip classes and do it at that time. We had a few bad encounters with a teacher (which I’m gonna skip). She was in a bad mood I guess. And our classes were gonna be over by 4:30. It was around 4:00 and we barely had any energy left. All the final meetings with the teachers and the official paperwork were done for the day.

One of the main photographer in our team.
This guy has a promising career in Event Photography and he’s also an important part of our team…

My “crisis-friend” (I suppose now you know who I mean 😉 ) had brought his car. He usually comes on his bike. As he was not feeling well that day and we all were needed in college, so he drove to college in a car. He dropped me and my two friends at the railway station. We had some time at the arrival of our train. Did some typical Indian Snacks at the local shops, we had a great time over there. Finally, our train arrived and we all headed back to our respective resting places for the day.

Back To Home

I reached home totally exhausted, took a bit of rest, then got fresh. Did the evening rituals and opened up my laptop but barely had any energy to study for the day. We were to had a conference call later in the night. But it was cancelled as I was pretty much tired. Before I knew it was dinner time while I was surfing the internet on my mobile(typical college student, I guess).

I did dinner in my room. My aunt came with the food and after dinner, I was lying on the bed. And before I knew, I was fully asleep until it was around 3:00 later in the night(or early in the morning). I suddenly woke up and saw(not a ghost) that all the lights were on. I switched off the lights and went back to sleep in a comfortable position.

A little about My Country & Culture!

It’s day 4 and 1 day before the event. Today my class and probably the rest of the college is bunking. As it is a festival in India, Saraswati Puja(We pay our respects to Goddess of knowledge and wisdom by not studying that day. I don’t think that’s a nice takeaway for college students like us who barely study the whole year 🙂 just kidding. Today everyone visits their schools in colourful or casual dresses. To those who r reading this from outside India, we wear school uniforms, to bring unity. But I barely see it working as my country is going through a heavy transition period. Don’t know whether it is heading towards success or a total disaster but by looking at the G.D.P growth, in -ve. I think it’s slowly heading for the latter) or Bengali’s Valentine Day(Bengali’s in the house make some noise 😉 ).

Anyways my big sis came and woke me up. It was around 10’O clock (my sis took the day off). I was sleeping as if I was out of intoxication.

A few Girls, My Bestie(on left) and Me on te stage of College Auditorium
The Goddesses themselves(and me on the side ;)), in India we consider girls as a form of Goddess and this is just a group of Goddesses, actually, there are a lot more who are not in this frame

Part of My Past!

I woke up, checked my messages, replied most of them, took a bath. And did all the stuff that I had to do as mom was out. After that, I was on a call with my friend who was still working in the start-up. I had left that start-up. And they had successfully found an investor who was basically interested in a joint venture with them.

I was pretty much happy for him. This news was a kind of inspiration for me, that dreams do come true if you are hard-working and consistent

My friend, posing in the college compound
The Guy…

Normal life of a College Student!

I studied from 12 to 5:15, I suppose (no need to be impressed as I did took a break of 30 minutes. And was interrupted many times regarding the matters of the event). After that, I called my friend for a bit of talking as I was alone from 2 days. And I wasn’t able to talk at all about general kinds of stuff (need to talk a little, at least). After that, we had a conference call regarding the event that was going to be conducted next week.

And after that, I did some other work(I’m a web developer. I had some work to do on a website).

After that, I was surfing youtube and wasting time (No excuses, I was watching Transformers Prime. I watched a lot of episodes. I’m a big fan of Optimus Prime. And there was an episode related to something known as “Star Saber”, which is a cool weapon, anyways, I’m into cartoons and stuff). As I had not moved a lot for the day, I was not at all tired. It was around 3:30 am in the morning. I finally went to sleep thinking about the event that was just one day away.

I was now a bit sure that the Event was going to be a successful one, but nobody knows the future right ;).

To be Continued…

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