Our College Life – Episode 1 – The Beginning – Part 5

This is the continuation of the series College Life. This is Our College Life – Episode 1 – Part 5. Enjoy Reading!

The Big Day

It is the day of the event, I was pretty much excited about it. I’m just gonna skip to the part where I and my friend meet on the train. We were discussing some things (just some boys’ stuff). We reached our college and to our amazement, the speakers were over there before us.

Was going to Collect the Community Banner

I introduced myself to them and asked them to just to wait a bit longer. As we would begin shortly after the participants arrived. We still had over an hour left for the event to begin.

The auditorium was full, I was chilling with the participants, having some fun, making them feel easy and relaxed. As most of the participants were from 1st year, this was the first time they were attending any workshop.

Shortly after the introduction of our speakers, we began the workshop. In the first half, they were taught the basics of python and after that, we would have lunch.

It Happens!

It wasn’t going as smooth as a normal workshop should go on (which was expected). Most of the participants were from the 1st year. As a result, most of them were facing difficulties in installing Python 3.6. And above that, if some had Python, they didn’t have a file named pip.py (it also gets installed with python, just one has to check the option “Add to path” while doing the set-up).

My friend, best photographer for me. Doing what he is best at.
Btw he’s one of the two best photographers I know & he’s also a good friend of mine, most of my pics are captured by him.

Nevertheless, all the setup for the workshop was completed within an hour (But still a few of them were not able to complete the setup. As we were short on volunteers). The workshop’s learning part finally began. In the first half, they were taught the basics of python and things required for beginning Machine Learning.

Lunch Break & All

The first half was pretty much exciting then we had our lunch break. The break was pretty much intense, for us. As we helped the ones who were still not able to install python complete their set-up. We helped the ones with the coding assignments given in the first half. We ordered lunch from Swiggy but most of our break time was consumed in clearing the queries of the attendees. Had some group photos with a few of them as most of them had gone out for lunch and relaxation.

Another friend, clearing doubts of students in our college Auditorium.
He’s my friend from KHARAGPUR, he helped a lot in clearing the doubts of the students

The lunch was great and soon after that, we began the second half. The second half was totally based on Machine Learning. This part got a bit dull as most of the students were not able to understand it. And after lunch, the crowd was feeling a bit lethargic.

After Lunch

The 2nd half was over pretty much soon(actually an hour before the estimated time).

Anyways the workshop was over, I and my two friends went to see off the speakers.

After that, a few events that were going to be conducted in the future was discussed with the crowd. After it, we packed up and headed towards the station.

It sounded kind of good right? 🙂 Just wait for the 2nd day, before that a disaster was waiting for us.

To be Continued…

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