Enjoying College Life – Episode 1 – The Beginning – Part 6

This is the continuation of the series College Life. This is Enjoying College Life – Episode 1 – Part 5. Enjoy Reading!

All of that was just day 1, the most amazing day was yet to come.

The event Head
All of this would not have been possible if it was none other than him, he was the backbone of this event…
And he did an amazing job down the line, keep on reading…

The Set-Back!

Oh! before entering day 2, I would like to mention just some day to day college life difficulties. It was around 10:00 pm, my “crisis friend’ called me, that the speaker who was going to come has refused to come due to some so-called “PROFESSIONALISM” which he was not being shown from the IIT’s. As a result, he was making us pay for his personal grudges or something like that. The point is we still don’t know the truth, whether he was lying or whether the IIT’s were lying.

Anyway, the ones who were gonna pay would be us. And if he didn’t arrive then we would be totally f*cked up. Everyone would lose faith in us and most of all…(I can’t explain the feelings in words, let’s suppose the pain would be unbearable).

Nevertheless, my friend was able to convince him, at last, to please come, won’t go into the details of that. And it was around 2:00 am in the morning when he gave us the confirmation that he will be conducting the workshop.

2nd Day!

Day 2 began, just gonna skip to the part where all the students entered the so-called mini “AUDITORIUM”. This time we had an hour in our hand, so we knew the pre-requisites, we utilised the time. We made the students install all the tools required for the workshop.

The speaker arrived and soon the workshop began. This time I was laying a bit low, as because my energy levels were pretty much still down due to all the FUZZZZZZZZZ…

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I was totally enjoying the college life
It was a pretty amazing day

Today, the other part of our team was handling the situation(Nothing sort like there was any crisis going on, just clearing the doubts of the students and other stuff). I was relaxing a bit with a few other members of the committee.

An old bonding

That day, I learned to play UNO(my classmate from Kharagpur taught me how to play and I also have a bit of history with the people of Kharagpur, will discuss that later).

We had our lunch-time, it was pretty much fun as we were hanging out with the crowd and taking photos and stuff. We had a great time in those 15-20 minutes.

The workshop continued and now all of the members were chilling on the backbenches. Some were watching movies, some were playing UNO, someone was playing CS (Counter-Strike, if you haven’t played CS in your engineering life then I’m sorry to say, you are not an engineer officially). And I was discussing current technologies with one of my fellow junior and he was seeking some advice on what he should do next and what path to follow to fulfil his dreams and some other stuff.

Just some moments!

Anyways, there was a point in the workshop where the speaker asked me a question regarding web-designing. But I was not able to give the exact answer expected from one who is in this field for a long time and in the end, I was laughing at myself(with few others in the crowd, in India i.e., what I like most, you will always have someone to criticise you and laugh at your weaknesses and it’s up to you that whether you should use that experience to improve yourself or to get bitter and meaner from the inside). I was out of practice, funny right just two days ago I was doing some work on a Website.

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We, The College Students
Group pic from day two, a lot of them are missing…

Anyways, the workshop was finally over and we took a big group picture in the end. I was happy about these two events that were conducted in the past two days.

And, that was all, the preparations and a few details about the event.

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