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College Life Experience – Episode 6.1 – Way More Than a Hackathon

This is another episode of the series College Life. This is College Life Experience – Episode 6 – Part 1. Enjoy Reading!

I was fast asleep in the afternoon when one of the members of the committee called me. I was feeling a bit weak that day, all these events and stuff had taken a toll on my body. So I was resting that day. He gave a proposal that we should conduct a Hackathon in our college. It was for those who were interested in participating in the National Level Hackathon I will elaborate this part later. I could barely understand anything as I was in deep-sleep (not deep learning btw, will be uploading articles on it too).

Anyway, I woke up and I was sipping tea. Again I received a call from one of my juniors regarding this same event. He is the Chapter Lead of another community, Girls Script Bandel in our college. He went on with the same things and all that same stuff.

Here we go πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I was starting to think that we should conduct this event but as the reputation, our college goes with. It would take a lot of time to get the permissions from the authorities of the college & stuff. And all these talks were going on before the IIT Kanpur event was conducted. So to simply put it we are in the flashback. We will come to the present very soon, just sit tight for a few lines.

So I was busy in taking the permissions for the IIT Kanpur event. This time, my friend Akash Munshi stepped up to take the lead on this Hackathon event. I was supporting him constantly but most of our committee members were busy doing the preparations for IIT Kanpur event.

Munshi and I were left all alone to take the permissions for the Hackathon. We didn’t knew then a great college life experience was waiting for us πŸ˜‰.

To be continued…

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