Hackathon Event – Episode 6.6 – Way More Than a Hackathon

This is another episode of the series College Life. This is Hackathon Event – Episode 6 – Part 6. Enjoy Reading!

The Finals 🤩🤩🤩

The dreadful judge of the Hackathon Event.
One of the Judges

I’m gonna skip to the part where we arrive in the auditorium where the finals were being conducted. The judges were unlike the judges of prelims. They were on a whole new level. They were going after the minute of details, they were even asking regarding costing, marketing and all that stuff. We were so terrified to see all those things. One more thing, we were given the last slot to give our presentation.

We were a bit in a rage, especially me. After arranging the Hackathon and looking after all the things that were to be taken care of, at least this should not be done with us. But it was a kind of a blessing in disguise for us, which you will come to know later on. The judge was furious over the participants as the presentation was not up to the mark. They had not thought of how they would work through the project. They just had a rough idea. But the judge wanted picture-perfect details of how are we gonna solve the problem statement and all. At first, we were totally shaking from fear. As what we are gonna do. But we were learning from the mistakes of who was going first. We were cross-questioning each other and preparing ourselves, especially Munshi and I.

Munshi & I cross-questioning each other

Moment of Truth!🔥🔥🔥

My team giving presentation in the finals.
My Team

Now it was down to us, my team was going first and after that, Munshi’s team. I don’t know why but as soon as I stepped up on the stage, my fear totally disappeared. I was very much cool and calm. Ankit gave the introduction and when the judge asked how are we gonna solve the problem, Ankit handed over the mic to me.

And now it was one on one with the judge. He was asking about the details of the project which algorithm was I gonna use, what will be the features and all. He was inquiring regarding the dataset and at last, he was very much satisfied with my answers. And now he was bit kidding around with us. He was inquiring regarding the other members of the project, i.e., what each individual was gonna do. I and Ankit covered those parts as we were too scared to hand over the mic to the juniors as they may give an unexpected answer which may change the mood of the judge.

Hard-Work Pays Off!

Munshi's team giving the presentation in the hackathon finals.
Munshi’s Team

So anyway, our presentation was over. The judge praised us a lot and we were the first team with which he was very much happy and satisfied. All the teachers were smiling, all of the teachers were happy. I was also very much happy. I was just discussing with all the teachers regarding the project. They were already confident that the project would be selected and now I was sure that Munshi’s project was going to be selected too( just an intuition). After all this, the presentation was over. And now it was time for the announcement of the selected teams. 1st position was Munshi’s project, 2nd place was my team. I don’t remember the rest as all of us started celebrating. My friends were also very much happy for my team, but sadly their team was not selected.

My friends team in the final event.
My Friend’s Team

After all this, we headed for home. It was nearly 8’O clock. I was damn tired but in the end, it was all worth it.

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