College Placements – Part 3

Hey there guys (and girls). Welcome to my 3rd installment in the series ‘The College Placement.’ Dive into the world of challenges and triumphs in College Placements. Hope you enjoy this as well.

The Eager Wait for Hitachi’s Call

Now I was awaiting a final call from Hitachi; days slowly passed by, and it was the 4th day from the day of the interview. I was upstairs in a room, it was cold, and I had fallen asleep. After waking up from a short nap, I looked at my mobile and saw a new email. It was from Hitachi; I had done it. I landed a job in Hitachi, which was nonetheless a dream-like achievement for an AOTian in the realm of College Placements.

Celebrating Success with Family

I ran downstairs and informed my Mother. She was out of words and I could see in her eyes that she was proud of me. Then she called Mama and Mami who were in Mumbai. They were also happy, I think the happiest was my Mama. He was completely fired up, he spoke to me but I don’t remember exactly what it was, but he was happy.

Sharing the Joy with Friends

After that I remember, informing one of my seniors and the only senior with whom I used to talk. I respected him a lot. He was very happy to hear about this news and I remember him saying, “Ending the year on a good note.” Yeah, I remember now, it was the 30th of December of 2020. I told Maa, that I was leaving to meet my friends, I wanted to share this news with all of them. I reached Ekansh’s flat. Sandeep was also there along with Gourav I think. They were also happy. Shubham came later, he was also ecstatic. I remember Mayukh adding a status about me, he had written some heartwarming words, I’ve added the screenshot below.

Mayukh's status screenshot during college placements
Mayukh’s Status Screen Shot

The Significance of the Achievement

The reason why everyone was excited was because 1st thing is never had a boy cracked a job in Hitachi Vantara from AOT and the 2nd thing Hitachi always took only 2 people from AOT and the pkg was good in comparison to what other MNCs were offering. So it was one hell of an accomplishment.

Embracing Congratulations and Reflection

Now congratulations were pouring in from juniors, family, and friends. It was one of the best days of my life. After this, I was finally a bit relaxed and happy knowing I did a decent job by landing this job. I kind of gave myself a pat on the back, knowing I did ok.

Life Lessons and Moving Forward

Yeah so that’s it, after this, I didn’t try much for other jobs. I was happy with this offer and kind of made up my mind to join Hitachi Vantara. And tbh I learned a lot of things during this period. Firstly, was to be optimistic. Not to take failures negatively. Learn from them. Secondly, was to have a proper execution plan with small steps to achieve a target. And the final one or the most crucial one was to never give up and believe in yourself.

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