Web Development Tutorial – Some Basic Things

Hey there, this article is all about on Web Development Tutorial. It’s more like on how to get started with Web Development. First of all, many of the seekers are confused between web development and web designing. I will give a summary of the two. And then will jump directly on how to get started on web development.

Web designing is concerned with the appearance of the website i.e., it is all about the looks to speak in layman’s terminology whereas, web development is all about, taking a design and making it a functioning website.

Web developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages to bring the design of the website to a fully functioning real-time website.

So now as we think it is clear what is the difference between the two, we can proceed with what this article was written in mind.

There are basically two parts of Web development. One is the front end part and the other one is the back end part.

If you want to get technical then, Developers call them the ‘client-side‘ and the ‘server-side’.


In the front end, we use HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and javascript. Now coming to it one by one.

HTML, it is the basic building block of a webpage(To NOTE: A website is just a collection of web-pages). It is like the skeleton of a webpage. I will give the resources where you can learn it from free at the end of this article.

CSS, it is more like the skin and organs of a webpage. It makes the appearance of the webpage appealing to the eyes.

A console for coding purpose.
That’s not my set-up btw…

Javascript is a programming language. It is used to add functionalities to the website, it also does other stuffs. Will discuss the other stuff in other articles in details, this one is just to provide you with an overview.


Now the backend, over here one has multiple options to choose from. PHP, Node.js which uses js, Django which uses python and many more. Will explain each of them separately and in detail in other articles.

There’s also a part known as Database which is also a part of the backend. To be simple it stores all the user-related data. User or rather the developer can also use it to retrieve data from it. And display it on the front end(or the client-side).

For DBMS(Database Management System, a software used to store databases) we use MySQL(Structured Query Language). Nowadays, others are also picking up the pace like MongoDB, MySQL lite.

So this was an introduction on Web Development Tutorial. I will keep on posting new things from time to time so stay tuned and see ya later.

I almost forgot, here are the resources if you wanna get a headstart.


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  1. Ankit Kumar Shaw

    Nice article and flow of article is well controlled and organized. Easy to understand even for a newbie.

    Looking forward for more resourceful articles to be published here.

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