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This is my story as a Web Development Beginner.

Happy Quarantine Days readers. Today is 18th of April and It’s past the mid of April and the sweltering heat of Kolkata has stepped up to a great degree. So I am writing this third article on my experience, the difficulties one face while pursuing the course on Web Development. Oh! It was a very vehement kind of experience for me and then gradually it decreased. Besides this, I had excavated a lot of new things and got to broaden my creativity. You might be thinking that it’s a very tough work to do, but I would suggest that it’s neither too tough nor too easy to learn. If you have the interest to approach for Web development then it would be very easy for you and you will have a good grip on this. I don’t know but I had also somehow practised  Web Development.


So it is a story about 2 years back when I was at my brother’s home and I saw him typing something on his laptop. As usual, I had been fidgeting with my phone when suddenly I saw a block of lengthy codes written on the screen. I questioned him if it was the programming codes. He uttered with a cool ‘NO’ and said that they’re not the programming codes but they’re the codes of basic Web Development such as HTML, CSS, etc., JAVASCRIPT, PHP (this were the programming languages he mentioned later) and SQL.

So after that, he showed me some of the projects and believe me I was greatly mesmerized by the projects he showed to me. Then after, my eyes were glued to the Designs and the functions of the presentation he was showing and discussing it with me. I asked him if I can learn Web Development too. Then he explained to me the importance of Web development and the purpose of it in the near future.

Learning Begins

After returning to my home I searched about it over the Internet. I watched 2 or 3 short video tutorials and understood it. It didn’t seem so tough but interesting to me. You can create your own website by just playing with the basic codes. I didn’t watch the whole tutorial but it was the basic codes to design your pages like formatting your text, editing it, choosing the matching colours for it and etc. In fact, I practised those small codes in my desktop and that was an amazing feeling for me. I discussed it more with my brother and asked him if he can find a basic online course for me. He had many courses already downloaded on his laptop. So he called me over to his home someday and asked me to get the tutorials.

I got the tutorials and then I started my so-called uneven journey to the Web Development. I started the course from HTML i.e.,  the basic designing tutorials. This particular lesson gives you the idea to write content and display the main objective of your project. I didn’t face any kind of difficulties in this section as I had been taught about HTML in my school earlier. So I can say that I have had revitalized the lesson again. It’s the easiest section of the Web development where you only have to put the content and display it.

Any newcomer can understand this lesson easily and complete it within a couple of days. It is the basic section which gives you confidence and makes the field of this course more interesting. I would better say its the basic building block of a project. I had completed this section within 4 hours of a day. Then I moved to the other section of the course.

Next Session

The second section was not that easy and neither too tough to understand. The only skill that matters here, is your creativity and about how much one has understood the lesson. The section is CSS(Cascading style sheets), as the name suggests that it is used for styling purpose. This lesson gives the idea to edit and format your texts styles, the overall make-up of your project. Let me make you understand by giving a simple example: “Imagine the cosmetic products used by the girls. The object i.e., the face can be considered the HTML content and the cosmetic products after applying on the object gives a very dazzling and incredible look on it and that is the CSS i.e., after applying the cosmetics”.

I hope you have got what I mean to say. I would also mention that there is a huge difference between narrating something and applying that narrated event in the real world. Isn’t it appears tough? Yeah! It does. So I had faced many complications here in this section of the course. There are many things to know and understand here. The better you would understand the better you will have your grip on it. Somehow I had tried to complete this section and designed a short webpage myself by adding an extra bit of make-up to it to make it look impressive. I liked to play with the different colour combination, editing the information on the page, the small pictures. It took me a week to complete this lesson. And finally, I successfully levelled up.

Third Session

The third section of the course starts with Javascript and is also one of the important section of Web Development. This lesson has many codes which might be difficult for any newcomer to understand it at first. Javascript have got many new codes which were difficult for me to understand and use those code when I was at the learning stage. At first, I thought that Javascript is the same as Java. I have learned in my School. But later when I searched it over the Internet then I found that both of them are different.

It is actually a programming language similar to other programming languages but only the difference lies in their syntax and their use. I could have completed this lesson within a couple of weeks but I didn’t, as I had been postponing the tutorials day after day. So here I would like to end the topic of Javascript as it can be understood practically not theoretically. I moved on to PHP.

Here comes PHP

The second last lesson was PHP(PHP: hypertext preprocessor). It is a server-side scripting language that helps people make web pages more interactive by allowing them to do complex and intelligent things. You can run PHP code on a web server. It took me several weeks to complete this lesson. I had faced many difficulties in it. Even at some point of time I was so much fed up of it that I didn’t want to continue with this course further. But somehow I managed to cover up all the lessons slowly and gradually.

I practised this lesson twice to get a better understanding and to recap the things which I had failed to memorise. Though it wasn’t a tough one after practising it so many times. Woooohooo! I had finally completed this lesson and levelled up to the last one of the Web Development Course.

The last lesson of the course is SQL. The section gives an idea about storing the information in a database(i.e., a container). So the information is stored in a container and then they are used afterwards when required. Basically SQL is a container. It’s very interesting when you hear that you will learn to deal with a container, but it isn’t. The codes were very new to remember and a single mistake can make your project not to function properly. The lesson deals with the core of the web. Without the use of SQL, the project will not function efficiently and the overall project remains void. Managing a database is a big challenge for everyone.


Though I had learnt about SQL I didn’t master it. I do face many problems now also but I resolve my queries by searching them over the Internet. I think it took nearly about 1 months to complete this lesson. Actually, I had been postponing my daily routine of the course day after day. As I already told you that sometimes I was so fed of it that not being able to find the bugs, I use to leave the lesson incomplete there.

I would like to end the article here and this would be my concluding paragraph. At first Web development is not a very difficult thing to learn. It is a very vast field and one cannot master it in a year or two. This field requires practice. The more you practise the better you can create an awesome Project. There are many new things to discover in it and day to day practise you will get a very clear vision in this field. I have also created some basic webpages and practise some of it. Hope you guys have got some basic ideas about Web development and I have also shared my difficulties I had been facing while ongoing on my course which might be helpful for you in your near future.

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